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make your sounds stand out with wavaudiolab.




We made a selection of some of the most cutting edge sounds there is in order to kickstart your production career, or take it to the next level and trigger outstanding musical ideas

Our mixing service is the all-in-one package to get your track from the end of your creative stage to a fully finished, amazing sounding premaster ready to be sent to labels

Mastering is the last touch of magic before your sounds are out to the public. Make sure you get the most loudness, clarity, warmth and definition to your tracks for an amazing release

the lab.

Our studio is located in west Switzerland. Florian Schären, our mixing and mastering engineer, also known as .wav_909 has been involved with making music since a very young age. After learning Sound Engineering at SAE Geneva and obtaining very valuable experience as an electronic music producer, DJ and live act, he is gladly offering his services to anyone wanting to take his sounds to the next level. Our studio provides high quality monitoring with acoustics calibration provided by Sonarworks Reference 4 in order to obtain the flatest frequency response possible to treat your music the best we can. Our modular synthesizers, various drum machines and sampler as well as analog synthesizers gives us amazing sonic possibilities to achieve the best sounding sample and presets pack, giving you all kinds of versatile tools to create outstanding music 

our equipment.


648 hp of :


- Make Noise

- Befaco

- Xaoc

- Noise Engineering

- Mutable Instruments

- Malekko

- Doepfer

- 1010music 

and many more modules


- Elektron RYTM

- Elektron DIGITAKT

- AKAI Force

- 1010music BitBox


- Arturia Microfreak

- Behringer Model D

- Modular voices*

  *made of Mutable Instruments Braids or Noise Engineering Ataraxic Iteritas, Doepfer VCA,  Intellijel Korgasmatron Filter, VoicAs Drive, instruo and Touellskouarn saturation into Befaco Hexmix system with FX sends and 3 band EQ


- Fabfilter Suite

- Waves Complete

- Soundtoys full Bundle

- iZotope Suite 

- Elysia Bundle

- Arturia V Collection and Pigments

- Serum - Massive X - Predator2

and many more

- Yamaha HS8 pair

- Beyer Dynamics DT770 pro 80 ohms

- Sonarworks Reference 4 acoustics  calibration


- Eventide Space

- Boss DS-1 Distortion

- MXR Doubleshot Distortion

- Make Noise Mimeophon

- Make Noise Erbeverb

- 1010music FXbox

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