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Here are the prices for all the services we provide. Stated prices for mixing and mastering services include one track. For more than 3 tracks, please contact us in order to get a quote

sample and preset packs.

pricing varies depending on the pack

Our sample packs and presets are made with love using both soft and hardware. Modular synthesizer, various Elektron drum machines and samplers as well as digital and analog synthesizers are used to craft all the sounds you might need to achieve great tracks. Our Ableton effect racks and virtual synthesizers presets also come in very handy to unleash your full musical creativity and potential. Find our packs under the "PACKS" section


contact for pricing - starting at 50 CHF per track

The mixing service is a fully customizable service tailored to your track's needs. The mixing is achieved using a fully digital "in-the-box" workflow operating some of the best sounding VST plugins on the market on a high quality monitoring system. The experience and knowledge of our mix engineer will help take your tracks to the next level and ready to be sent to record labels. Pricing needs to be discussed depending on the scale of the project. Three free corrections are included in the package as customer's satisfaction is our priority



20 CHF per track

Our mastering services ensures you can get the most out of your music just before you release it. You will obtain the polish, loudness, clarity and definition you are looking for. This service provides a high quality "in-the-box" mastering using the best VST plugins. Three corrections if needed are included in this package

music production consulting.

contact for pricing

Our producer and mixing engineer thrives to help you towards reaching your goals. Therefore, we are offering this consulting service tailored to your very needs. Contact us with the subjects you want to discuss and our engineer will gladly give you feedback or Skype lessons/discussions to help you progress and gain confidence in your music making. Contact today to get a quote.

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